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National Career Service (NCS) is offering "Candidate Assessment Profiler" which is an entry-gating assessment that aims to hel​p the entry level workforce or candidates who are looking to start/restart their career according to their skills or interest that suits to the current market trends. Details of the assessment profiler are as under:

  • 'Candidate Assessment Profiler' is an ideal suite of assessment created to suggest and showcase career path and job opportunities to candidates at the critical phase of choosing the relevant domain that suits their "Personality, Inclination of Interest and Capability and Aptitude"
  • These tests are administered with sole aim to align an individual’s career according to their talents and personal goals. It can assist in setting goals and identifying steps needed to reach important career goals.
  • The idea is to objectively test individual’s abilities and provide fair opportunity to candidate and has essentially remained centralized theme for this assessment.
Assessment Details:
The assessment tools consist of 2 set of assessments which aims to assess the candidate’s personality trades, aptitudes and interest areas.These tests will help the candidates to choose the right career path which will be according to their personality, aptitude and interest.Brief of the tests are as under:
Psychometric Test is a self-administered questionnaire, used to measure candidate’s interest and personality which can be measured by self-administering. Following 3 set of questionnaires will be available under the Psychometric Test.
  • Personality Inventory: It is based on famous type theory and helps individual discover their unique style and talents. This forced choice test consists of 20 pairs of statement among which candidate needs to select the most suitable option within 10 minutes.
  • Broad Interest Areas: This includes 24 statements related to day to day work activities. The candidate will be allotted 10 minutes to select the most suitable options.
  • General Occupational Theme: This is a self-administered interest test which consists of variety of occupations across different Sectors/ Industries. Candidate is allowed to complete this 56-item questionnaire within duration of 20 minutes.
Aptitude Test is designed to measures individual’s abilities to perform the task at workplace. This includes the battery of 5 performance-based test assessing verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, processing speed, working memory and mechanical reasoning. The total number of questions presented are 40. The time allotted to complete this test is 60 minutes.
Once the candidate has attempted Psychometric and aptitude test, a detailed report will be generated on the NCS platform which will include the suggested domains and job roles based on their performance.

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The Information generated from the Candidate Profiler tool doesn’t just aim at selecting right career path but also helps in maximizing individual satisfaction, pleasure and happiness in work experience.

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