​​​​​​​​​​Career Skills Services
National career service is offering “Candidate Assessment Profiler” which is an entry-gating assessment that aims to help the entry level workforce or candidates who are looking to start/restart their career while matching their skills and interest to the current market need.
Assessment Name
Candidate Assessment Profiler
About the Assessment
It is an ideal suite of assessment created to suggest and showcase career path and job opportunities to candidates at the critical phase of choosing the relevant domain that suits their "Personality, Inclination of Interest and Capability and Aptitude"
Details of the Assessment
The assessment suite consists of 2 set of assessments which the candidate has to attempt to achieve a detailed report of their career interest.

Applicable for all the candidates seeking job opportunities into varied domains

Assessment Details –

  • Assessment Duration 100 minutes (40 minutes – Psychometric assessment, 60 minutes – Aptitude assessment)
  • Assessment Types – Psychometric assessment and Aptitude assessment

Assessment description –

The test consist of 150 items measuring through:

  • Personality Inventory : 20 items – Personality traits
  • Career interest : 80 items – Occupation & work activities
  • Aptitude : 50 items – measuring cognitive skills
Once the candidate has attempted Psychometric and aptitude test, a detailed report will be auto-generated which will include the suggested domains and job roles basis their areas of interest, personality, and aptitude.
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