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Job Location: Miyapur; Telangana
Salary: 216000 - 300000 (per annum)
Skill Required: English Fluent
Job Description: Serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately Notifies Company Personal of Visitor Arrival Maintain Security And Telecommunications System Inform Visitors By Answering or Referring Inquires Read more... Posted On 22/1/2022

Company: Smart Touch   
Job Location: Uttar Pradesh; Bihar
Salary: 120000 - 240000 (per annum)
Skill Required: Communication Skill
Job Description: A supervisor works to ensure a positive experience for the customer by overseeing all aspects of their experience interacting with the company. They assist with the execution of daily operations through staff training, supervision and team building. Read more... Posted On 06/12/2021

Company: Smart Touch   
Job Location: Uttar Pradesh; Bihar
Salary: 96000 - 180000 (per annum)
Skill Required: Good Communication skill
Job Description: Telecallers initiate telephonic contact with existing and prospective clients in order to generate sales. Given their reliance on spoken language, Telecallers ought to display excellent verbal communication. Read more... Posted On 06/12/2021

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