According to the National Sample Survey 2011-12, of the 47.4 crore workers, around 52% of India’s workforce is self-employed. With better access to finance, technology and open markets, the self-employed workforce has a huge potential for to grow and become entrepreneurs who could provide employment opportunities to others.

Towards this aim of encouraging entrepreneurship, NCS brings to you a collation of material and helpful links to facilitate you on your entrepreneurship journey.

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National Career Service and Uber have partnered to facilitate driver partners associated with NCS to register with Uber. Please note that Uber has its own verification process that needs to be followed by the interested drivers. Uber is a smartphone app that seamlessly connects riders to local drivers.

Over 3,00,000 drivers in India are taking advantage of work that fits their lifestyle and aspirations. With Uber, drivers can set their own schedules and make more money for every productive hour they spend on the platform.


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